Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great news!!! ♥

I recently blogged about the Astroplus contest, "Wacky for Miley" :)

I went to SM Megamall last Saturday and joined ☺ It was really unexpected since I was planning to join the contest this Saturday (June 11) at the SM Mall of Asia. When we arrived at the store, I felt so scared. The contestant before me was a cute little girl! I bought a CD and entered the contest. When it was my turn for my photo to be taken, I was just thinking happy thoughts (Just like what Nigel Barker told us at the Style Origin event, haha! ☺) Then, my sister and I went to Forever 21, Etude House and went home.

From Sunday to Tuesday, I was not really expecting that much since I know there will be a LOT of people more confident and more gorgeous compared to me that will be joining. So, I was thinking, at least I have a chance to watch Miley Cyrus' concert (Since I bought a VIP ticket last month which almost ate all my savings  I really hope it's worth it!)

This morning, I checked Astroplus' Facebook fanpage and they said that they will be announcing the finalists today for the SM Megamall and SM The Block branches. I was still not expecting... but I kept crossing my fingers. This evening, I checked the album of the finalists:

OH MY GOSH!!! Totally freaked out when I saw my photo!!! ☺

I can't believe I'm one of the finalists! ♥
Thank you Astroplus and to my friend, Colwin who told me to join the contest!!

Grand finals this Saturday! Wish me luck x


  1. congratulations! hope you'll win! :) new follower here! :)

  2. Thank you!! ♥ Please do pray for me :)

    Anyway, I checked out your blog! Pretty cool ♥ Followed back ;) Have a nice weekend!! xx



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