Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Charlotte live in Manila: Glorietta Activity Center - 04.06.11

Good Charlotte had a concert here in Manila last night at the Glorietta Activity Center. My sister and I went to the mall around 9am. I want to have a CD signing stub that's why I asked my sister if we could go to the mall earlier. We roamed outside Glorietta 4, then went to Intercontinental Hotel. The hotel was beautiful. I was hoping to see Joel Madden there, but no luck! So we just waited for 9:50am and went back to the mall entrance. There were a lot of people waiting for the mall to open already. So I expected there were a lot of fangirls lining up for the CD signing stubs already. I was so nervous because I'm not familiar with Glorietta and I don't even know where the Activity Center was. Thank God there were signs with "This Way to Activity Center" ☺

So finally, I saw the venue! It was small compared to other Ayala Mall venues. I was the first one to arrive at the AstoPlus booth! We talked about random bands with Ms. Choi/Choy from AstroPlus. She was so down-to-earth! I really hope they'll release The Maine, We The Kings, All Time Low and This Century's albums here in Manila ☺ Then, finally the CDs arrived! I got my CD + signing stub then we went to the Admin Office to claim my two tickets from Glorietta. 

After accomplishing everything, we went to Greenbelt and ate lunch at Pepper Lunch. I ordered Chicken Pepper Rice without corn and pepper. It was yummy! I was always ordering Salmon Pepper Rice before. I needed to try something new. Then, we roamed around Greenbelt. My legs were already in pain when we were at Powerbooks. Finally, we went back to the venue. There were a lot of curious people already waiting for the band. It's annoying how some people will be like: "Who is this band--Good Charlotte?" When I went to the restroom, I even heard girls talking about the band. They were like: "That band is so old already. Their songs are awful." I want to strangle them.

We waited for the soundcheck for 2 hours. This was my view:

I also had a creepy seatmate while waiting for the soundcheck! Whenever I open my bag, he always looks at what's inside my bag. I don't even know him. So freaky. I should've bought a bottle hairspray!

Around 3:30pm, they had their soundcheck. It was so surreal. I can't believe I saw Good Charlotte in person!! ☺ I even took some photos and videos. Check it out here:

Then, I texted Anne from MMI that I was at the venue already and asked when can we meet. She texted me to meet her at Mcdonald's to get my meet & greet stub ☺ I finally got it! But was disappointed because there was a claim stub :( I will get my photo on April 13. Next week! But I was still happy because I will have a photo taken with the band.

Then we waited for the security guards to let the people in the venue already. There were these American boys who was the first one to enter the venue. They even got front & second row seats. Me and my sister was the next to get in the venue around 5:20pm. Thank you again to Raymond Gutierrez for the tickets!! ☺ 

The show started around 6:30. When they played the Introduction to Cardiology, I got up and screamed. It was so awkward because everyone was so clueless that the show is starting already. I wanted to run in front of the stage when they played it. When the band was finally on stage, everyone was running in front of the stage. I even got up the chair. The view was so amazing. I can't even believe I am watching them perform live. Again, it was so surreal.

They played my favorite songs. I created a playlist weeks ago from their Cardiology tour. They pretty much played the same songs also ☺ Here are some photos I want to share with you guys:

I think the show was too short :( But I understand because they are still heading to LAX after the show then will fly to Australia the next day. After the concert, it was time for the meet & greet! ☺ I was so excited to meet them. Again, the American boys had a "special treatment" again. They got their guitars, shirts, albums signed by the band while the others can't even bring anything on stage. It was unfair. 

I was also pissed when the girl told me it should be a group photo! I mean, I'm not friends with the other people who have a meet & greet stub and now I have to share my photo with them? Unfortunately, I got a photo with two other girls I don't know :( At least I have a picture with the band! My sister even took a video of my meet & greet experience ☺ While watching the video, I heard people from the background saying nasty things when I hugged Joel. I know he's married to Nicole Richie! As if I proposed to Joel or kissed him -- it was just a hug. And Joel Madden was one of my childhood crushes back then when he was not yet married :p My sister told me the girl was just jealous.

I hugged each one of them at the meet & greet and even told Joel about the ELLE cover I did for him years ago. He was like: "Really? It was cool. Yeah, I even put it up." ☺ After the meet & greet, it was time for the CD signing! Again, personal cameras were not allowed. So I just recorded our conversation ☺ Check it out here:

I want to repeat April 6, 2011 over and over and over again. Seeing Good Charlotte was one of my dreams ever since. Meeting them TWICE was a bonus. Thank you again to Visions & Expressions, Raymond Gutierrez, Ms. Rhiza Pascua, Alex Retodo, Anne from MMI, Ayala Malls and AstroPlus!


  1. that was amazing great blog too! now i know i should be early in every concert/live show!

    i was just at the outside in the right side didnt know they were "secretly selling tickets" LOL

  2. @GreenandBlackHero - Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog ☺ Who were secretly selling tickets? I was giving away two of my extra tickets that day :))

  3. LOL no just the stubs that was secret no official announcements or anything


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