Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Black Star Tour: Avril Lavigne in Manila!

When I first heard that Avril Lavigne was coming back to the Philippines, I felt really excited and sad. Excited because I will be breathing the same air as Avril and sad because I had a feeling that the tickets will be super expensive. Avril already performed here in Manila years ago, but I never had a chance to watch since I was really clueless about concerts back then and I was too young.
Days before the concert, Tim Yap tweeted that he will be giving away tickets for the concert! I tweeted him twice, one about my contest entry and a picture of my report card on another. I was so desperate and when I'm desperate, I can be very annoying which I hate. My hopes went up when I saw that Tim Yap himself favorited my tweet! ♥ And after a few days...

I won! ♥ First, I thanked Tim Yap for making one of my wishes come true (yet again) and also giving me an advance graduation gift! Second time winning in his Yap4Grabs contest! Well, third if the contest for The Killers is counted. I almost met Brandon Flowers but unfortunately, their concert here in Manila got cancelled and the band broke up. Sigh.

I went somewhere near Rockwell to claim the two tickets and also received this sweet letter from Tim! :) I contacted my friend, Michaella if she was available to watch the concert with me. We are both addicted to Avril! During class hours when we get bored, we just sing random songs mostly songs of Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne! ☺ But unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to go to the concert :'( So I contacted my other friend, Aurea. She's also a fan of Avril Lavigne ever since she was little. I love this girl because she always game whenever I ask her to go with me to any random event! :) 

 Avril Lavigne was so amazing. The experience was again, so surreal! I remember getting obsessed over punk stuff like skulls back in the 6th grade because of Avril! :)

After the concert we ate dinner at Taco Bell!

What a night!☺ Nearly cried when she performed "I Love You" one of my favorites in her newest album, Goodbye Lullaby. Dreams do come true! Thank you again, Tim Yap!

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