Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Maine live in Manila (again!)

When they announced that The Maine will have a concert here in Manila again, I got very excited but sad at the same time since I was pretty sure that I won't be seeing them perform live nor meeting them again. A few weeks after they announced that they are already selling tickets, the Platinum tickets were sold out already :( I wanted to buy a ticket but I was pretty sure I won't be enjoying the view in the Gold section (imagine all the people from the Platinum section with their cameras and stuff) But God is good! I met someone on Twitter selling their Platinum ticket for The Maine (for some reason that I don't know) ☺ I immediately tweeted back and said that I am interested to buy (goodbye savings haha) It was my graduation gift for myself since nobody gave me anything for graduation (yes I know, I sound so spoiled. I know that education is already the best gift but I love receiving gifts especially when I really deserve it)

I would also consider this as a graduation gift -- Nikita's invite for me to come to the RX booth and (drum roll please...) MEET THE BAND! ☺ She also asked the band to sign my CDs and my meet & greet photo taken last year. That day was so surreal! I regret not taking videos and stuff haha but I wouldn't forget all the happenings that day! I got to hug Garrett, Pat and Jared again :)

On the day of the concert, I waited for hours in the Platinum area. I honestly don't like most of the fans here in Manila. They brag about everything! Well, not all of them but most of the fans. Not all fans can afford merch and have all their CDs and stuff but hello, people still deserve to put a certain band in their favorites and yes, they can still be called fans. Some people are really annoying. Anywayyyy, just wanted to vent that out and fyi, that's just my opinion :p

The lights were superb (see the first photo above) ☺ Sad that they didn't perform Jenny and I'm Sorry live :( But they performed 19 songs so it was still worth it! Such an amazing experience yet again. I hope they'll release a new record as soon as possible and come back again here in Manila! ☺

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