Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 + Red Mango + Anything random!

Yesterday, I went to buy some materials for the items that I'm creating for my shop. Then, went straight to the mall to watch a movie with Nica. We were planning to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at the Director's Club but it was already sold out. So, we decided to watch it in digital 3D. It was worth it ☺ We paid P300.00 for the ticket (Inclusive of popcorn or a sandwich) The popcorn was so huge! The movie is so beautiful. I hope there's a part three! ☺

After the movie, we went to et some frozen yogurt from Red Mango! First time to try Red Mango frozen yogurt in a bowl! Hahaha ☺ Then we window shopped - as usual! Searched for varsity jackets, cute accessories and stuff. We really can't find any varsity jackets that are available which is pretty annoying :( I really want a red or blue plain varsity jacket (with no initials whatsoever) If you guys know where I could buy one, leave a comment below! ☺

Anyway, we went to Kids Universe because my sister and her friend Gwen was hanging out there ☺ So many happy kids playing! I wish I experienced playing at a place like that when I was a kid :( Then, we went to Book Sale and Fully Booked. I bought a P5.00 ELLE magazine! Yes, five pesos.

After that, we went home. Can't believe school is starting in a few weeks. This has been a very very boring summer vacay. I really thought this will be a very exciting summer vacation... I was wrong :(

Hopefully, the few weeks of my summer vacay will be a blast. I will be joining the Astroplus contest and I really hope that I will enter the grand finals! I will do anything to have a meet & greet pass for Miley Cyrus' concert on the 17th! Also, I think I will go to the album launch of All Time Low (but the launch is the same date as the Miley Cyrus contest so... I'm  not yet sure) But I really can't wait to buy the Dirty Work album! ☺

Also, I am planning to have a digiperm. My classmate Andrea and I have been planning to have a perm since last school year but nothing was ever final. But then a few days ago, I went to Tony & Jackey's Facebook like page and saw that they are having a promo! P1,500.00 for a digiperm (Read: ANY length) The original price of their digiperms are upto 5k, I think (which is too expensive!)

Yesterday, I told Nica about this and guess what, she was also planning to have her hair permed! Yay! We are planning to get our hair permed at Tony & Jackey on June 8 or 9. Pretty excited! I am so bored with my hair. I hope the people from Tony & Jackey knows that I want an exact same hair as Miley Cyrus ☺


  1. I also want to have my hair permed. It looks gorgeous! Please make a post about your perming experience. Hehe.

    New follower here. Please visit and follow my blog. Thanks! :)

  2. @MariaKristela: Hey! ☺ Followed your blog too :) Unfortunately, I changed my mind and decided not to get my hair permed.

    I went to T&J last week and I asked about the promo thingy. They told me I needed to avail a treatment which is worth 2k + the digiperm which is 1,500 pesos.

    It's just too expensive for me :( Maybe next time...


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