Monday, February 21, 2011

Taylor Swift live in Manila: Araneta Coliseum - 02.19.11

My friends and I were waiting for this day since last year! It was my first time going to the Araneta Coliseum for a concert! I was super excited to watch Taylor Swift perform live, even though we only have General Admission tickets, it was worth it!

I arrived at Gateway around 12:30 in the afternoon. First, I went to Bench to buy something for John O' Callaghan :) Then, off to Araneta Colliseum! There were really really long lines for the General Admission ticket holders which was sad. I thought I was so early at the venue! After waiting for a few minutes, my friend and her sister finally arrived! We ate Burger King while waiting for the bouncers to let the people in the venue.

Check out our shirts! Made by yours truly :)

We decided to get crazy and put glitter lotion all over or faces and arms. We also had the number "13" on our hand :) We also wrote signs for Taylor and bought a glow stick.

When Sam Concepcion came out, it was a bit fun, maybe because he only sang one of his songs? Haha! Here are some photos of Taylor Swift :-)

After the concert, we went straight to see what was open for dinner, We saw The Red Crab and ate there.

It was so surreal! I thought I was only dreaming. I was about the pinch myself. Haha :) It was also my first time to cry at s concert ♥ Taylor Swift's voice is too adorable ;)

I can't wait for Summer 2011!

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