Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day.

It's the grand finals for the contest tomorrow! I really really hope I'll win. But again, not really expecting to the point that I'm memorizing all the things that I will say to Miley in person. I might end up being disappointed. It's better to just have fun and expect NOTHING. I will just think of it as a fun activity and not a contest to calm myself down.

I've been getting nervous because I have so many questions! What if I fall? What if the audience will not cheer for me? What if the judges ask me to sing a Miley song and forget the words.. stuff like that! I'll just imagine everyone with Kevin Copeland or Marcus Copeland's heads from the movie White Chicks! Hahahaha! That really put a smile to my face! ☺

Anyway, wish me luck & please pray for me!!

xx, Iza

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