Monday, February 21, 2011

Ayala Malls Rock Tour: LIV3 (TriNoma) - 02.17.11

It was our semestral break when I read a tweet stating that The Maine, NeverShoutNever and We The Kings will have a concert here in Manila! I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I really want to see The Maine and We The Kings perform live! Sad because I don't own any A-card nor live near any Ayala Malls.

As time goes by, the very generous MMI and Rhiza Pascua always tweets about the contests they are organizing for meet & greet passes! I even filmed myself trying to play air guitar. I really sucked but I was so desperate to get the meet & greet passes... specifically for The Maine. I was losing hope because the contest was all about popularity again. The video with the most likes win. I finally gave up when all the other contestants were reaching 200+ likes. I also get annoyed at myself while asking people to like my video. It was so embarrassing! I also joined the essay contest... and yes, I WON A MEET AND GREET PASS because of that essay! Yay ♥

Last February 17, 2011. I had classes in the morning, then I went to TriNoma with my friends. CJ and I were so early at the venue. We ate at Mcdonalds then I thought I saw Pat Kirch!! I went crazy and ran near the stage. I was wrong. It wasn't Pat! So we just waited for 30 minutes, then Travis Clark of We The Kings went out! It was sooo surreal! I can't believe that the mall was so quiet. I was the only one screaming as if I saw a ghost! I shouted: "OH MY GOD! TRAAAAVIIIS!!!" Then, Travis waved at us! I was shaking and blushing at the same time. After that, it was soundcheck time.

Me and my friend CJ didn't have any seat stubs for the show but we had the time of our lives. I was jumping, screaming the lyrics, taking photos/videos and the like! I almost teared up when I saw John O' Callaghan. He's sooo dreamy!

My friend go to meet The Maine that time. I was actually going to meet them also, but according to MMI-- TriNoma's show was booked so I can't meet them on that day. I decided to meet them at the last show (Alabang Town Center -- which is sooo far away from where I live because I am desperate to meet them so I'll do anything)

NeverShoutNever was the first to perform. Honestly, I am not a fan but I liked how he performed! He was so adorable in person too ;) The next to perform was The Maine. I was screaming my lungs out when John Ohh got on stage. It was unbelievable yet an amazing experience. I love how Garrett still performs even though he's sick :) They are amazing!

The last to perform was We The Kings. I can remember just watching their music videos on YouTube years ago and that time, I was watching them perform live. It was a dream come true.

I will never forget February 17! ♥


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