Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ayala Malls Rock Tour: LIV3 (Alabang Town Center) - 02.20.11

It was my first time to go to Alabang Town Center. The first and the main reason why I don't go to that mall is because it's so far away from where I live! I left at 11 am then, I arrived there at 12:45. Thank God there was no traffic! First, I walked around the mall then ate lunch at Pepper Lunch. I wanted to stalk the bands but when I saw the venue, I lost hope! The venue was like the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds :(

I went back to the mall to meet up with my friend, Ferj :) At around 5pm, we went to the venue. There were a lot of people, obviously because it was their last show here in the Philippines :( People were starting to go inside the venue. I didn't have stubs again because I haven't met Joy from MMI. I think I saw her around quarter to 6pm.

We had awesome seats also, but for real -- we don't need chairs for these kinds of concerts. Haha! We ended up standing on the chair. I almost got John Ohh's water bottle :( But I did get a lot of video footage! I even held up my arm full of The Maine doodles and I think John saw it! :-)

Here are some photos that I took that I wanted to share with you guys:

I also uploaded a video compilation of some of their performances, you can watch it here below:

The best part of this concert was when I met The Maine!
*We The Kings playing on stage while the meet & greet is going on*
Me: Oh my god! Hi guys :)
The band: Hey!
Me: *handed John my present for him* This is for you :)
John: surprised Oh wow! How are you? :)
Me: *hugs Jared* *hugs Pat (oh my godddd ♥)* *hugs Kennedy* then I asked Pat Wait, how's your hand?
Pat: BETTER! ;) He can't hear my voice that much because WTK is playing ;( But it's all good!
Kennedy: How are you?
Me: I'm fine :)  *hugs Garrett* then *hugs John* :)
Couldn't let go of John Ohh's waist! Haha. The photographer/crew were laughing! I'm sorry Garrett! I like you too :) After the picture taking, I hugged John Ohh again as tight as I can and daaang, he smells sooo goood!!! ♥ I can hug him forever. Here's our photo:

Here's the audio clip (I secretly recorded the meet&greet with my phone in my pocket... I was upset because I can't film a video clip of my meet&greet experience :( But at least I recorded the audio! Haha )

Here's some of the performances of We The Kings:

We'll Be A Dream

Secret Valentine

After the show, everyone was so sad because they were leaving :( But out of nowhere, Travis Clark went out the tent of the meet & greet after me and Ferj shouted: "Travis please come outside!!!" I got a high five from Travis! ;) I was hoping for a photo, but this was the best shot that I could take. No zoom, whatsoever! :)

I also met Chris Varvaro, the guy who's selling the band's merch! I was so disappointed when I heard that The Maine's merch were already sold out :(

Oh! I also got an ID from a random dude working inside. I was asking like a crazy fangirl, then one bouncer told him to have pity on me and just give the ID to me, since it's already the last show! So, yay! I got the Production ID :)

February 20, 2011 -- So surreal. Not only today but ever since February 17, I feel like I'm just sleeping and dreaming. I never thought all of these will happen in just a week! Can I just rewind February 17-20 forever? February is definitely one of my favorite months this year! ♥


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