Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LIV5 @ TriNoma! (02-18-12)

Gold section! Honestly, when I read that the concert was being held at the Mindanao Open Parking, I already accepted the fact that the stage will be too far even though I'm in the VIP area (from my Owl City experience) but when I entered the venue, I was so wrong! ☺ Felt so happy and thankful for the tickets Thea gave me!

Saw the LIV5 bands perform twice in one week! Also ate Taco Bell twice in one week! Haha ☺ I must say, Taco Bell is so addictive especially the fiesta potato (not really sure if they call it fiesta potato haha) It will surely be my go to fast food chain when there's a concert either in Araneta Coliseum or TriNoma :) It was raining like crazy while I was eating my late lunch. I was so worried since I don't want to get drenched in the rain and get sick afterwards. I almost bought a raincoat! But thank God the rain didn't pour during the concert :)

The merch area was filled with A+ Dropouts shirt, CDs, pins and the like. Didn't really liked the shirts from A Rocket to the Moon and Forever the Sickest Kids. The Ready Set merch were just selling like pins I guess because a lot of people bought at the Glorietta show. I bought A+ Dropouts' CD and had it signed! Thank you to Cheska's kind tita. Yup, Cheska from A+ Dropouts is a Filipina! Pinoy Pride once again.

Funny story, when I was about to ask the tita of Cheska to ask them sign the CD, she gave me a mini blank paper and told me to write down my name and my message to the band. I signed it "Izo" maybe because I was too nervous haha! So, in my dedication from Cheska she said: "First off, cool name!" I think she thought my nickname was Izo. It was really hilarious!

They were again, all so amazing. If I had to choose I would pick the crowd of this show better than the Glorietta show. Maybe because it's an open venue? Not really sure but it was an epic night! Would love to edit the videos I took and compile it all together and upload it on YouTube soon ☺

Such a wonderful experience! Cannot wait for next year! Fingers crossed that Hot Chelle Rae will have a concert here in the Philippines soon! ;)

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