Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LIV5 @ Glorietta! (02-17-12)

Never really expected that I'll be watching LIV5, twice! It's so hard getting tickets for LIV5 because you need to be an A-card holder first and yadda yadda. Thank you to my friend, Thea for everything!!! ☺ She got us VIP passes for both Glorietta and TriNoma show ;) It was again, an experience I won't forget!
With Thea and Katty! :) I met Katty before the show started. Thea was running bit late since she had a class I think. She just rushed to Glorietta after her class ☺

A+ Dropouts: I only know one song from this band and I expected little kids performing. But when the show started, Cheska and the drummer looks familiar because of the photos I saw online. But the bassist and guitarist looked so different (good different) I think they weren't the original bassist and guitarist of the band. I wonder where those two are? But either way, they sounded okay live :) 

The Summer Set: I love their Everything's Fine album. It was on repeat for a week I guess. It was so surreal seeing them live, like it didn't happen at all! Jess Bowen is one bad ass chick. That girl can play drums! Pinoy pride ;) Stephen and John looked so adorable in person!

The Ready Set: Again, I only know one song! Boo :( But after the concert, I quickly downloaded his songs. I fell inlove with Spinnin' and Hollywood Dream after he performed it live. He reminds me of NeverShoutNever. 

A Rocket to the Moon: The one I'm waiting for! They are absolutely gorgeous guys. Before the concert, Katty and I spotted Nick Santino just walking near McDonalds with just one chill bouncer but we were too late and didn't had the chance to talk to him! Nick Santino was way too tall! Just like John O' Callaghan :) Eric Halvorsen was too adorable! I could stare at him forever. They were so amazing live.

Forever the Sickest Kids: Back in 2009, I dreamt of watching Forever the Sickest Kids live but I thought it was impossible since they weren't selling FTSK albums here. Dreams really do come true! Thanks to the concert producers here in the Philippines :) I know their songs by heart. Their set was the craziest because of Jonathan Cook :)

 Haha, I look like I'm working for MMI or something because of the ID. Sigh, that's in my bucket list!!

Thank you to a very kind bouncer who didn't think twice when I asked him if I could have his ID for remembrance! :) Some bouncers were so strict.  

All photos by: Luiza Artillero

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