Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 130-136: Chill week

Day 130

Materials was fun. Started with our Brass Plate!

Day 131

Theo prof didn't arrive and we didn't have a class on Art History so.... Pinball it is!!!! Haha ☺

Day 132 

I love Logic. I love Techniques. I love Wednesdays! Here's a photo of my friend's painting. I got an UNO in my second Techniques 2 plate!!!!!! I love Ma'am Becares forever. She's one of the best professors in Beato!

Day 133

First time skipping a class. Sorry, Marketing. It's Visual Communications' fault! Spent hours and hours finishing the VC Tribal plate. It's crazy. 25

Day 134

Saturday classes.... meh

Day 135

Went to the library with Pam, Jane and Kale ☺ Tried the blueberry cheesecake at the library cafe. Not bad!

Day 136

Chill Logic + Techniques meeting! No ADPRAC tomorrow! ☺

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