Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 137-149: I love my course!

Day 137

Visual Communication was okay. I got inspired with the 4 print ads made by my fellow first year students! Would love to do this kind of job in my print ad plate! ☺

Day 138

Saturday classes are not that bad... but I just hate the fact of having classes during Saturdays. That's why I loathe Saturday classes... does that even makes sense? Haha!

Day 139

Oh you know... went to school just to get a tan. Haha jk. Went to school just for PE! Yay for THESIS WEEK ☺

Day 140

Chill day with my favorite girls! No prof in Materials so we decided to chill in the Lovers Lane ☺ Arki Week started already. Awesome props!

Day 141

Chill Theology/ArtHist classes.

Day 142

Logic was very interesting :) I really love that subject! Techniques was chill... as always!

Day 143

Painting the Print Ad was soooo much fun! Chose the Tropicana drink instead of the VitWater! Excited to finish this plate! No classes tomorrow ☺

Day 144

Materials class today made me deaf. Wood carving is fun but you'll definitely be needing ear plugs!

Day 145
Nothing exciting happens during Tuesdays. Only a fake baby made me laugh a lot today. haha

Day 146

Volunteered to be one of the class' heroes and memorize the synopsis of rules in front of the class. Whew! Survived! Haha ☺ Chill Techniques class.

Day 147

First time going to school on Thursday just to watch short films! It was a great experience. Such talented and inspiring students in UST indeed! ☺ Ate lunch with blockmates afterwards ☺

Day 148

Marketing was okay. Brought a lot of stuff to school today: 3 bags, 1 huge canvas, T-square ruler and guess what? VC class got suspended because of the rain!

Day 149

So happy I passed the Filipino quiz! ☺ English was fun also. Read about Youthful Exuberance.


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