Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 125-129: PRELIMS

Day 125

This was totally the kind of day you feel you just wasted your time going to school since you did NOT do anything at all. Waste of time, gas and effort. It's all because of the late delivery of brass plates! 

Day 126 

Theology exam was okay. But I don't feel so confident about my grade. I just feel blaaaah. You know the feeling when you think you already know the topics but end up just completely blacking out? Yup, that's meeee. After the exam, we took some photos using Jane's iPad! ☺

Day 127

Now this is the day I like. Logic is somewhat my favorite subject. It can be painful in the mind sometimes but it gives you a totally different perspective of thinking! It's such an amazing subject. You can easily love it but you can also easily hate it since there are soooo many things to memorize and there are a ton of tricky questions. I am so lucky to have an awesome professor! Lucky AD6 :)

Day 128

Marketing exam was A-OK! I know I didn't answer each question correctly but I am positive that I passed the exam :) After taking the exam, we went to Goldilocks to buy cakes for the two birthday celebrants! We celebrated their birthdays at Shakey's ☺ Belated happy birthday, Irish and advance happy birthday to Jappy! :) Such a fun day with my blockmatesss!

Day 129

I totally loathe this day. If there's a word deeper than loathe then I would probably use that... Anyway, I woke up at exactly 7:18am.... my English exam will start at 8am!!!! I totally freaked out. My alarm didn't work at all. Lesson learned: do NOT drink coffee around 5pm it will totally ruin your sleep. So, this morning I felt like Flash. I hopped to the shower, got dressed, blow dried my long wet hair, skipped breakfast (big NO NO if you're taking a exams!) then arrived to school around 7:44am! Crazy morning, I know. English exam was okay but I totally have four mistakes already because of carelessness (or memorizing too much?) Filipino was horrific. It was a long ass exam. Deep Tagalog. And I have NO idea what to answer. Mini mini mini mo was my bestfriend for a little while. On the top of that we needed to PAY THE PROFESSOR 7 freaking pesos for the photocopy of the test paper!!! What did we pay 13,600 pesos for?!?!?!!?! 13,600 is the fee for the prelims and still we need to pay 7 pesos for the photocopies? So weird. Sooo this is such a bad day. NOT looking forward for next week's meeting. Sigh, but I hope it will be a good week next week. Please :(

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