Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 121-124: First week of school for the year 2013!

Day 121

First day of school for the year 2013!! ☺ We had our Materials class. We need to start researching about our prelim plate already. So early morning, we went to Alva to research. We're making brass engraving... so help me God!!!! PE class was scary since we need to spike above the net :( I can do itttt! Thank god for the rain, our PE class ended early :)

Day 122
Theology + Art History! Same old, same old.... nothing exciting happened today.

Day 123
Marketing class is starting to get boring :( VC was SO FREAKING SCARY. I left my reference at home so I had to go to ALVA again to print another one. I also started with my VC prelim plate. I need to finish it!!! It's due next week!!! NEXT. WEEK.

Day 124
English was awesome. I answered all the questions the prof asked me and I got a perfect score in one activity!! Yay :) During Filipino class, we just wrote our biographies and did a little survey for a group activity. PRELIMS NEXT WEEK. Ahhhhh :(

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