Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012!

UST was not my first choice. I was a bit confused even though back in senior year, I thought my life was perfectly planned already. I thought Communication Arts was the course I need to get. I even cried like a baby when I didn't got in DLSU! Now, it's no big deal since I am happy with my course even though sometimes I curse everything because dealing with professors are frustrating! I still remember getting so excited when I saw the magical six letter word -- PASSED. Thank You, Lord.
It was surreal. I remember when I transferred to La Consolacion College Manila back in 2007, the only thing on my mind is to get out of there. I wanted to graduate already. I kept on counting down until summer vacation. It was crazy! But as days goes by, it was not that bad. I learned to appreciate some people more than I used to back then. I became open minded, patient but still, I'm not perfect so I still made mistakes like gossiping about other people, cursing, backstabbing... all that highschool crap! Highschool isn't highschool without drama. That is the only part that sucked. But in the end, I knew who were the ones I need to keep in touch with. Not a lot but it's better that way than to keep in contact the people you have/had issues with then ending up fighting all over again about shallow stuff. Okay, enough of the rants. Senior year was a surprise. I didn't expect to be close with people I was not close with back in my freshmen until my junior year. The people I thought I'd still be close with were the ones who are acting like strangers today... But that is a part of life. I'm still thankful I met them anyways. The remaining days of being a high school student was bittersweet. I was so excited for college but still 15% of me was still loving high school. My senior year was not the best but it was definitely unforgettable!

This year, I've seen:
  •  Avril Lavigne (oh my gosh, I can't describe the feeling when I saw her perform live. It was such a dream come true! I've been a fan since I was just entering my teenage years. It was one of my favorite experiences this year. I love her to death!! Thank you soooo much to Tim Yap for the tickets! Thank god for Twitter!)
  • LIV5 featuring A+ Dropouts, The Ready Set, The Summer Set, A Rocket to the Moon, Forever the Sickest Kids TWICE (It was such an awesome experience seeing them all perform live. It was a bit overwhelming for me since it was two consecutive days and there were a lot of bands! I love love love Forever the Sickest Kids ever since and I thought seeing them live was impossible... I guess not! The part I loved the most was the eye contacts I made with some of them while they were performing. My stomach was full of butterflies haha! Special thanks to Thea for the passes!)
  • The Maine (I saw them perform already last year but this year, they had their first solo concert here in Manila. I bought tickets last minute since I didn't want to miss their solo concert here! It was amazing!!!! They never disappoint me. I also had a chance to meet them yet again! Thanks to Nikita!)
  • Bazooka Rocks featuring The Pretty Reckless, Mayday Parade, Marianas Trench, A Skylit Drive, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Maine, Avastera, The Wonder Years (The first ever rock festival I have ever been to!!! Such a dope experience. Front row during The Pretty Reckless' set was pretty much the highlight of that rock festival! I saw FTSK and The Maine again... So in total, I saw FTSK thrice this year and twice for The Maine. Crazyyyy! Such a surreal experience. Up until now I can feel my excitement on that day. First time to wear heels to a concerts also to get a good view!!! Haha ☺ Another highlight was meeting the bands!)
  • Jonas Brothers (Another concert I thought that would be impossible. I love Jonas Brothers ever since I saw their SOS music video! Fell in love with Joe Jonas!! That concert was definitely one for the books. I also saw Anna Maria Perez de Tagle perform! Ahhh such a fun concert! This was also the last concert I've been to this year ☺)
This year was really overwhelming. I got to meet Anne Curtis again at the Avon Party I got invites to because I was chosen by Avon because of just retweeting. Again, thank god for Twitter! I also went to the Candy Style Awards! I also saw Joe Jonas up close at the Ayala Malls event he did while he was in Manila... this was waaay before the JB concert! :) He performed some songs also and I was in the front row! It was such an amaaaazing experience!!! I also went to the Rajo for Parisian/Milanos event. And Pink Parlour invited me to their store launch! PLUS, the highlight event I've been to this year... ZAC EFRON'S FAN CONFERENCE!!!! Aaaaahhh! Thank you SO much to Penshoppe for inviting me! I also got a good seat. First time experiencing MOA Arena... not bad at all! ☺
I was sooo happy that day because I fulfilled my ultimate high school goal = to have medals when I graduate high school!! Ahhhh ♥ Plus, papa went to my graduation! :)

The best part of entering college --- meeting new friends! :)

 This year was such an awesome roller coaster ride. There were a lot of ups and downs. Thank you to all the ,people I've met this year. I hope I could meet even more people/new friends next year! I also hope I can fulfill some of my dreams next year! :) Goodbye 2012!

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