Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 116-120: Last week of school for the year 2012!

Day 116
*lost all the photos I took on this day huhuhu*
Simbang gabi started already and it's my first time to complete simbang gabi with classes! Last year, it was already my Christmas break when the simbang gabi started. I wish I can complete it this year! I need sleep but I will sacrifice it for now :) Anyway, we did not do anything during MAT class. It was so freaking boring. During PE, we had our practical exam and guess what -- I FREAKING PASSED!!! Thank you Lord :)

Day 117
Agape!!! Had so much fun with my blockmates! We stayed until around 7pm at school for the free food! Lechon baka, Lechon baboy, Chooks-to-go haha ☺ Before the Agape, we had our Theology class. We had our very first quiz (I passed!!!!! Without reviewing that much haha thank you lord!) We didn't have our Art History class because our professor was sick :( Still praying for her until today. I think we'll see her around February... Anyway, after classes I went with Kale at her therapy. I planned on doing my VC plate but I guess I was wrong! Haha ☺ I almost fell asleep at the hospital... yes it was THAT boring. Thanks, Kale. Hahaha :p After the therapy, we flew back to UST for the Agape! We even had time to do our VC plate. Agape was so much fun! TIP: Line up as early as you want and bring many containers! They will fill it all up but remember to grab all the IDs of your friends haha! That's what we did. We gathered all of our IDs first before facing the person serving the food. I didn't stay to eat since I didn't have utensils. So I ended up just taking home everything I got and ate at home ☺ Another tip, if you want to celebrate Agape with your friends, make sure you have a picnic mat, paper plates, utensils, RICE and large containers!Just ask three of your friends to line up but give them all of your IDs. The more the better. Can't wait for 2013's Agape!

Day 118
We don't really have classes today but we went to school anyway --- all because of the College of Education :( The CFAD sections were distributed to every college in UST. We got College of Educ. Our theme was the Sleeping Beauty. I felt like I just wasted my time on this day since instead of just chilling and buying Christmas gifts to people, I'm just stuck at the Albertus Magnus building doing props that is for sure going to be in the trash after a few days.... sigh. I was so exhausted that day. It's so hard dealing with ANNOYING people. You know people who thinks they are waaaay better than you? Judgemental people? Social climbers and stuff like that. I hate them all. Sometimes I wish my stare could kill a person. Yes, some people are THAT annoying. But that's life, we CAN'T choose the people we encounter. So happy this day ended already! More stressful days to come!

Day 119
Went to school even though we don't have classes on a Thursday. First, I dropped the other half of my Paskuhan raffle tickets! It was a very very very very hot day. I almost melted! I stayed until 9pm just doing props for the Paskuhan float of the College of Educ. It was crazyyyy! Some annoying people are freaking lazy, I wanna slap their faces. But whatevs, it's their lives. Had fun creating Maleficent's outfit! First legit costume I did from scratch! All with the help of Kale and Noa! Great team :)

Day 120
I did my VC plate before going to school because the VC plate was due today! Thank god for our president, he asked our prof if he could move the deadline and he was nice enough to accept! Yay :) More time to do my VC plate. Anyway, I went to school as early as I received the message that the deadline was moved. We made props again for the float. It's crazy how some people would show up but just sit around do nothing. They are the epitome of laziness! It was a crazy experience I won't forget. Paper tape, water, masking tape, wires, black paint..... it. was. crazy!!! Anyway, I went home to change my outfit for the Paskuhan. I missed the float, but still hoping I could see a decent photo of Maleficent's outfit! :) I arrived late because of the horrible traffic! There was a looooong line outside the Lacson gate but I went straight to the guard since I'm a student! Haha ☺ Perks of being a UST student! It was hard contacting your friends! TIP: Before the Paskuhan, set a meeting place already The first part of the Paskuhan was... boring. We didn't know the band who's performing, the songs, etc. But thank god Zar brought her cards! We played, one two three pass! Such a fun game ☺ The fireworks was amazing but I kept on hearing people criticizing the fireworks this year since last year was the "best". No idea since I had no clue what Paskuhan was back then. Haha :) Took loads of photos! Planning to post another entry filled with photos only.

CHRISTMAS BREAK... finally!!!

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