Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 111-115: Very first UNO!

Day 111

This day was so surreal! The moment I stepped into the classroom, I immediately worked on our MAT plate. It was I think two-three hours straight of just attaching every detail to one another... it was very very tiring. We also had to explain our work. But guess what.... hard work really pays off!!! We got a freaking grade of 98%! UNO!!!!! Ahhhh ☺ I can't believe it actually happened. So surreal! PE was fun bur very tiring as usual!

Day 112

I bought Paskuhan tickets ☺ No Art History because our prof was sick. Theology was... boring haha! We also browsed the Hueletide (?) exhibit of the Interior Design students! :) Went to the dentist after visiting the exhibit because of my toothache!! :))

Day 113

Logic was fun as usual! During the 2-hr break there were two fire drills. Then it was time for our Techniques. I love Ma'am Becares! She's such a fun prof!!!! ☺ Around 3pm she asked us to pack our things already since she wants us to leave the building before another drill hahaha! But it was too late. We had to participate in the earthquake drill. Boo haha but it was a fun experience though! :) I also experienced my first vaccine shot at ust haha! My last vaccine shot was when I was just a little baby haha! I was almost close to running outside the Health Service when I saw the injection syringe... was freaking scared. But it was not that painful! I was expecting more pain and blood everywhere but I was wrong. I also dropped half of my Paskuhan raffle tickets already. Another half next week! :)

Day 114

Marketing is starting to bore me since it's just a cycle...... :( Got so bored! next meeting will be next year already haha :) During VC we got our USTET exam results!!! Finally haha ☺ We also did our tribal plate. Such a difficult plate :( So many details!

Day 115

Arrived at school around 7:10am. I thought I was late already! Thank god for late profs haha ☺ We discussed + had tons of quizzes during English period. Filipino time was kinda chill. We took a test and passed our research. Then time for TriNoma + SM North Edsa with Kale, Pam and Noa! :) Went gift shopping with them. So freaking tired right now :)

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