Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 107-110: Chill week :)

Day 107

MAT class was okay. We just revamped our mobile sculpture... not completely -- we just added some flowers :) Check out some Harry Styles artworks here:

Then after MAT class, it was time for PE! We finally got our PE shirts. Check them out!

So happy when our PE teacher called me "Styles" hahaha ☺ Anyway, PE was a bot tough! Our teacher taught us how to spike. It was insane. I have no power to spike :( Anyway, after PE we waited for 6pm since we want to see the official launch of the UST Lights! ☺ While waiting we took a lot of photos in front of the main building. Haha :) Here are some of them:

 The lights were beautiful. It was such a great experience! I love the Christmas tree! I also love the fact that it is near Beato. It makes me feel like we own the Christmas tree haha! :)

Day 108

Theology made my right hand numb. It is the only subject that can make me write almost 5 pages of notes in just one sitting! Art History class was so much fun! We watched Goya's Ghosts which was a very interesting film. Natalie Portman is a phenomenal actress.

Day 109

I really love Logic! Such a mind blowing subject. We also had our first three quizzes that day. It was okay! :) Techniques was also fun and unexpected! Unexpected because my professor loved my unfinished work! She just told me to add more colors but that's it! I thought she was going to hate my work and tell me to create another one. It was such an amazing experience that the time I got home, I immediately finished my plate! :)

Day 110

I thought I was going to be late on this day. But a lot of my blockmates didn't show up during Marketing because of the VC plate! Crazy right? Our Marketing prof dismissed us early to give us more time to do our plate in VC. VC was scaryyy! We were used to our VP prof wherein you just pass your work and he will just immediately grade it. And you will surely pass if you've completed all the plates. Our prof right now gives a grade of cinco. No grade in effort AT ALL. Crazy huh? Anyway, after the VC class I watched the ADMU vs UST game at the Beato lobby! It was such an awesome CFAD/Arki crowd! Haha had so much fun watching the game. Congrats UST! :)

12 DAYS TO GO!!!!

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