Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 103-106: Untitled

There are Christmas lights all over the university already! :) ... but I can't still feel the Christmas spirit. How odd. 

Day 103

MATERIALS class was okay. The individual project (mobile kinetic sculpture) was changed into by twos! So happy our prof accepted me and my friend's joint design. It was also the first day of the National Arki Week.... reason why we have Charlie Chicken, Bannapple and Krispy Kreme just outside our classroom. Haha! ☺

PE was actually fun too! I love my groupmates haha we made fun of ourselves during the first part of our PE :)) We also had fun thinking of our "name" for our PE shirts! I can't wait to reveal our names!! You can check it out on my next post! Haha ☺ Excited to see the shirt but soooo not excited for the practical exam. Wish me luck!

Day 104

Theology and Art History was interesting. After classes, I went home to sleep. Then went back to school around 6pm to watch a freaking play. My friends and I were sitting infront of Jeric Fortuna and Nikki Valdez haha :) That was the most interesting part of the play..... the play itself is a bit dragging. 

With the AD6 girlss


 AD6's ONE DIRECTION!! Hahahah =))

Day 105

Such a fun day for 1AD-6!!! :) Logic was interesting... I'm starting to love that subject. Played UNO/Sang/Took pictures while waiting for our TECH prof. Started with our first plate ever for TECH 2! ☺

Day 106

The moment I stepped into the classroom, I studied my ass off for our English quiz...... yup, hello procrastination! But turns out, the prof was not around so yaaaay! :) The Filipino prof showed up and we just formulated a title for our research. It was so freaking cold in our classroom to the point where I got a massive headache!!! After classes, Pam and I did our MAT mobile kinetic sculpture until 5pm! Crazyyyy! I'm so exhasuted now :( I hope this hardwork will all be worth it!

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