Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 98-102: Productive week!

Day 98

The day I almost lost the camera. During MAT class, we needed to research about mobile sculptures so we went to an internet cafe. I left my stuff in the classroom. When I got back to the room, we were getting ready for our PE class. I totally forgot that I placed the camera beside my bag. I just got my bag and left. THANK GOD FOR MY BLOCKMATE!!! He saw my camera and with my other guy blockmates they took photos with it as a... punishment jk hahaha

Volleyball class was pretty fun! But I got bruises after playing :(

 Day 99

Haven't met our Theology prof yet :( We watched 1D videos while waiting for absolutely nothing. Our Art History class was a bit interesting. 

Day 100

LOGIC class made me think so much but it was soooo interesting!! The class pictures are out! and they all sucked hahaha I really don't like the quality :(

Played UNO while waiting for our Techniques class to start. What a fun game! TECH2 was fun! Maam Becares taught us how to use watercolor :) I like her!

 Day 101

Marketing class was soooo fun!!!!!! I think that was my favorite class for this week. I learned a lot in just one sitting. I love our prof, Prof Jane Samonte! :) Wooooot, Butterscotch from Iloilo from Kale :)

 Watched a VERY BORING game. ARKI vs CFAD. So effin boring.

 Saw the Christmas tree after our VC class! First time having a class until 6pm!

Day 102

Red velvet cupcakes are yummy :)  English was fun, Filipino was boring. I super love the view from our room every Saturdays!

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