Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 95-97: CFAD WEEK 2012! (Part II)

Day 95

Too freaking lazy to go to school! Down side of the CFAD Week hahaha! A part of me wants to stay at home and just relax, but another part of me wants to hang out with my blockmates! We went to the doodle room, checked out the best plates, then watched the fashion show! I can't wait to be a junior :)

Again, the gorgeous Aya Abesamis! My idol :)

Day 96

WATER WARS! The memory card of the camera I was using is not working anymore hence the small amount of photos I took that day.... plus it was a pretty boring day also! Just went to school to get my CFAD ball invite :) I also finally finished watching 3 Idiots!! What a beautiful film. I also watched a bit of The Eye. Creepy as hell.

Day 97

CFAD ball! Had so much fun with my blockmates :-) I also met Aya Abesamis that night! I was such a fangirl haha :) We went to Jazmine's dorm to get ready then went to QC Sports Club for the party :) Definitely a night to remember ;)


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