Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 93-94: CFAD WEEK 2012! (Part I)

Day 93

So fun seeing the whole CFAD community wearing random costumes! ☺ We attended the mass first before the parade (Yup we attended the mass in our friggin costumes! Crazy right? haha) After the mass, it was time for the parade. The parade was a mess since the order of the blocks were not arranged but still, it was fun walking with my blockmates! Took lots of photos! When we finally arrived at Beato, the CFAD dancers performed. Then after that, we had no idea where to go, so me and my friends decided to have a photo shoot at the Lovers' Lane:

After that, we changed into our CFAD shirts! And checked out the art gallery + other rooms with art exhibits
 Check out the gorgeous Aya Abesamis!!!! :)

Day 94

The day of the pageant! We spent the whole morning/afternoon making some props to support our blockmate who's joining the pageant -- Jappy! It was so much fun haha :)

The pre-pageant was a bit disappointing because of the small venue! I can't help but compare the pre-pageant of the Marketing department!! I think the Med Audi is waaaaay waaaay better than the TARC Auditorium. My bet for Ms. CFAD 2012: Emma Reinbold, and of course my bet for Mr. CFAD 2012: Jappy Agoncillo! Hahaha Bias =))

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