Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 88-92: Back to hel---- school!!!

Day 88

I listened to my Second Semester music playlist on the way to school. Smelled the fantastic Botong plates at Room 101. Talked about One Direction with Jazmine and Pam non stop it's crazy. Talked about our fantasies of making a novel/ directing a movie in the future! So happy I have a chance to talk to people I share some of my interests in :) We basically just talked the entire day since we really didn't have a legit class yet (because it's the first day) Just went to the UST Health Service for the drug test. It was a memorable experience. We kept laughing like there's no tomorrow hahaha :) Uh-oh, sore throat because of not shutting myself up. 

Note to self: don't get too excited and blab about One Direction the whole day.

Day 89

Felt like I just wasted my time at school today. I hate it when our profs don't show up. Of course, we all want to skip classes the whole week since it's just the first meeting. But we don't want to have that "bad first impression" of the professors to our block. But this time, we had a bad first impression to our unknown prof! I went to school before 7 am because of the color coding. I went straight to Domus. No one's there yet... just Kuya Domus (+ ghosts? haha) Anyway, around 7-ish, some of my blockmates finally showed up. We waited for three hours for NOTHING. So freaking annoying. But my friends and I just exchanged One Direction photos/songs in our phones, read a 1D book from Irish, took pictures, sang Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, viewed Anne Curtis' Instagram photos (#1 girl crush of the AD6 girls heehee) Around 10:15am, we met our prof in our other subject for today -- Art History. Last semester--- it was a chill subject. Well, not anymore :( Our prof told us we will have quizzes/graded recitations/plates and a whole lot moreeee. So scared. But I'll survive.... I hope :)

PS: I've been saving up all my allowance for something :-) So far, I saved my allowance for two days! And I only spent 50 pesos (Awhile ago and yesterday I bought something to munch on at MiniStop. Ugh, Kariman from Mini Stop are amaziiiing. Only P20 or P25!)

Day 90

Domus again for our first class. I really miss Beato! Anyway, the first subject for today was Logic! I seriously don't have a single clue about that subject... really. The prof was kind of on time. He looked approachable. He told us straight to the point that the subject was difficult. The kind of subject that you want to have a complete attendance because if you miss one class, you'll surely fail. Scary as hell right? He also told us that the quizzes will be given every freaking hour. HOUR. Scared the hell outta me! I will now start researching all about Logic in a few days to familiarize myself. Thank god for the CFAD week! Without the CFAD week, we'll suffer intense studying next week haha. Anyway, he ended our classes really early so, we decided to go to SM San Lazaro! Just minutes away to our school. Last week we decided to go to the Mall of Asia on Thursday to watch a movie and try J.CO donuts... but thank god for our 4-hour break! We arrived there around 8:30ish. Obviously, the mall isn't open yet. Starbucks opened around 9am. We ordered donuts (haha replacement for J.CO donuts jk) and just sat there waiting for the mall to open. Eventually, the mall opened... we went straight to the cinema! I was doubting to buy tickets since we will have our next class at 12nn (movie ends around 12:30!) Was so freaking scared but ended up buying the ticket. Haha :) Then, we went to the department store then back to the cinema then watched the movie. The movie was soooo cute! We watched Suddenly It's Magic. We watched it because of Mario Maurer of course! Every scene he did was so adorable. Oh, the movie also made me want to visit Ilocos, gorgeous place here in the Philippines! Anyway, after the movie we ran to get a pedicab back to UST. It was a crazy experience :) We arrived at Beato around 12:46, I think? Guess what. The class was already dismissed! But we still got to sign in the attendance form + got our shirt stubs :) Hmm... that's it for now!

Oops, spent money today :( I promise I will not spend my allowance on Friday and Saturday! By the way, Congratulations OBAMA! One day, I will be a US citizen (my ultimate dream is to live in New York haha)

Day 91

TGIF... not. Our prof for Marketing showed up a bit late. But it's all good!! I am so excited to study Marketing this sem. VC was a pain in the ass. Our evil prof gave us a freaking QUIZ. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. Ugh. Nothing exciting happened today. Ho-hum kind of day. Preparations for the CFAD week. Student coucil, staffers, cfad students going cray cray all over Beato. Nothing special.

Oh. I almost forgot. We received our CFAD shirt today! One word to describe our shirt? DOPE. Other colleges got nothin on our shirt!!!! Booyah. Haha :)

Day 92

Lovely weather today. I freaking love the view from Room 703. Soooo relaxing. I just wish the profs won't mind the seating arrangements awhile ago. I don't want them to arrange us alphabetically!! :( Anyway, prof for English didn't show up. But our prof for Filipino showed up to check our attendance. I think she's nice :) This sem, the subject is more into reading and writing. Sad I didn't understand her last name. Is it Lablesa, Rablesa, Nablesa? Something -blesa! Haha :) After classes, we worked for our CFAD Week block banner. Without us (some of my blockmates) -- there will be no banner for our block. Seriously. When will our block be fucking united? Sigh.

CFAD week starts on Monday! Wait till my next post ;)

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