Thursday, June 7, 2012


On Thursdays, we only have one class - MDRPERS (Mechanical Drawing and Perspective) ☺ We waited for at least 30 minutes in room 704 for our professor (I love our view!! Check out the photo above) Sir Araw looks super approachable and kind! But he said that MDRPERS is a tough subject and we really need to focus and work fast. I love the stories he shared with the class awhile ago ☺ This class made me realize that I will be entering the real world soon! I am scared yet excited at the same time.While Sir Araw was orienting the class, I was freezing!!!! The room in the seventh floor was super cold :|

PE classes will start next next week! Next week will be the orientation.

I bought the requirements for our Techniques class awhile ago at Joli's with my blockmates. Super huge sketchpad!!! So scared. I'm used to sketching in small sketchbooks or just any random paper! Ahhhh :| We also have a LOT of stuff to buy for our MDRPERS class! I really wish I can survive all those subjects!

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