Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2: Plates!

When I arrived at our building, I didn't know where to go because I had no idea where Bena B is. Turns out we really don't have a room for our Techniques class. We temporarily used a room in the fifth floor ☺ I super love the view! I love our Tech prof! She's looks approachable and she mentioned she's handling the fashion elective in the higher batches and designs jewelries! How awesome is that? :) Another photo of my beautiful view:

We already have assignments for our Techniques class! 4 plates. When Ma'am Hilario showed us some of the plates that were done last year, I felt super scared. Glad I practiced last summer vacation! I can really really enhance my drawing skills in this subject. So excited!! We were dismissed early by our prof, so I went to Mang Inasal for brunch/early lunch with some of my blockmates! Then we went to the UST museum and took some photos there :)

Blurry since we can't use the flash! Asked some random college students to take the photos :)) After going to the museum, we went to our room already for the next class even though we're like 2 hours early! The Visual Perception prof was super scary :( I really hope I can survive in his class! And guess what... I am a part of the FIRST group that will report for his class!!!! Super duper scared. Please Lord, let me make 'extraordinary plates' for this class and I hope we'll have an awesome report next next week! *fingers crossed* After classes, we went to Moonleaf. I don't drink milk tea unfortunately! :p After Moonleaf, some of my blockmates went home already and some of us decided to go to the library to do the research for our Tech and VP class already. Took some photos for reference:

Survived two days of college!

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