Saturday, March 17, 2012

Science Camp (Part II)

Read the first part of the science camp here :) The second part of our Science Camp was definitely boring. The teachers were all so strict since there are like 300+ students participating in the camp.

My friends and I watched The Vow before heading to school ☺ It was an okay film, I expected too much for that film that ended up being just mediocre. But the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams were absolutely adorable.

I just took lots of photos with my batch mates. I remember back in 2009, I went to my first ever camp! I also created my Twitter account the day of the camp. My friend, Aira brought a laptop and a broadband stick during our camp so I had a chance to browse my Twitter. Haha! Yep, tweeting during camp. Totally insane.Here's a proof :)

It was so boring I don't know what to share to you guys. I usually blog about exciting happenings of my life but nothing really special happened that day. Oh! I met a little girl named Julia. She asked me if I am a fan of All Time Low and I answered with a big fat yes. She's also a fan! :) Then, she asked me if I love One Direction, another big fat yes answer from me! I told her my favorites are Liam, Zayn and Harry! ♥ She said she loves Louis. What an adorable little girl with good taste in music ;)

Our group took care of this egg. It is like our group's baby since if the egg will get cracked, our group will be disqualified in the activities. I must say, it was pretty hard to save this egg without trust amongst group members. I really don't know how to trust complete strangers (Yup, almost all of my groupmates are complete strangers. I only know like 5 of them. Out of 10 something. The main reason why the camp sucked.)

After the camp, I ate breakfast at McDo with my friends -- Michaella and Gio ☺

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