Saturday, March 17, 2012

Retreat - February 6-7, 2012 ☺

Retreat was definitely very memorable since I had the guts say sorry to the ones I had issues with. Sigh, high school isn't high school without the drama. I'm just so happy that everything is back to normal.

On the way the retreat house, we had a stop over somewhere and I bought McDonald's breakfast (sausage mcMuffin, hashbrown and hot chocolate) then some of my classmates bought Yellow Cab which was the reason of the delay of our arrival.

Tagaytay was so beautiful that day! But boo, we were not allowed to go outside the retreat house to do some sightseeing!

There were a lot of activities, usually about our families. I personally didn't want to share anything since I know everything's okay with my family. I just felt bad with my other classmates because of what they shared during our open forum about their families. Pretty much shocked some of us since we all thought their lives are all almost perfect. Smiles can really hide a thousand tears. I also felt happy since they were brave enough to share those stories with us -- just their classmates. Made me realize that schoolmates can be really your second family.

Cameras were not allowed during our retreat session but we are really hard headed and wanted to take photos. So, while our other teacher-- Miss Larion, thinks we are already sleeping (since the lights at the hallway are already closed) we went to our adviser's room since he was alone in a scary scary room! There were rumors spreading around about the room number 9 (I remember it's room number 9, not that sure) the room was locked and nobody was allowed to go inside. Scary shit indeed. My roommates and some room crashers shared ghost stories which was the reason why I had a hard time sleeping. I have a pretty wild imagination. Thank god I brought my sleeping mask! Despite all these scary/fun moments with friends, I had so much fun reading retreat letters especially from my mother and my adviser. I will treasure those letters forever.

Unfortunately, during our retreat, I was suffering from hypogeusia/ageusia/dysgeusia (one of these taste disorders) I can't smell nor taste anything during our whole stay there. We were being fed like pigs there! Breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, midnight snack. It was insane. I had a hard time eating since I don't like eating bland food (the food was not really bland, but because of my taste disorder, it made me think it was bland) The food was okay according to my classmates. It's impossible to get hungry in that retreat house.

The morning after our retreat session, I had a weird feeling while using the shower. It freaked me out so I took a bath in like less than 10 minutes. My heart was beating like crazy and I kept imagining things from our sharing of scary stories. After that weird experience, we took lots of photos after breakfast. It was so much fun!  Then, time to say goodbye to the retreat house! Had another stop over at Colette's ☺

It was such a fun (and a bit scary) experience! Will treasure all the memories and especially the retreat letters I received :)

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