Sunday, December 11, 2011

Science Camp (Part I)

This is the first part of our Science Camp because the star gazing + overnight got postponed because of the weather here in Manila. It's been raining like crazy here. I really loathe the bipolar weather! Anyway, the first part of our Science Camp was so boring. We were assigned to a group (which sucks because it only includes 2 people that I know), then we were assigned to build the tallest tower by just using newspapers and one meter of masking tape. I think our group has the tallest tower, but they didn't announce the winner.

Then we headed to the auditorium to experience the planetarium. It was awesome but it gave me a neck and lower back pain since we were just seated on the floor.

Then we went to the social hall for the exhibit and another activity. I got soooo bored I wanted to go home already. Finally, after the part one of our science camp, my friends and I decided to eat at Mang Inasal.

Last Friday, some of my classmates and I joined the lantern making contest. We didn't plan anything because we lacked time. The theme was: indigenous. We had fun making this lantern! We also ordered Mang Inasal while doing this lantern haha ;)

Second part of the science camp will be this coming January 14-15 (after our third quarter exams) ☺

Only a few months left and I will finally say goodbye to highschool! It's sad saying goodbye to my friends.. but I am super excited for college! 

Um, but before getting excited for college... I am getting so nervous to see the results of the college entrance exams that I took months ago! Please be nice to me, DLSUCET, UPCAT, ACET and USTET! ☺

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