Saturday, January 14, 2012

Current Obsession: Jane by Design

Nothing exciting is really happening in my life right now that's why I haven't updated this blog. My life is pretty much boring because of school. Anyway, I discovered this new series, Jane by Design. When I read the tweets of the people that they are watching the premiere of Jane by Design, I honestly thought it was going to be another Project Runway-esque reality show. I was wrong ☺

I have finished watching the first two episodes of Jane by Design and hoping for a lot more! The story is so adorable and you know me... I'm a sucker for cheesy and cliché series! I also love it because Jane is an aspiring fashion designer! The show is so inspiring. I really hope Billy and Jane will become more than friends. They are so adorable together! :)

If you're bored or wants to try new series to watch, watch Jane by Design!

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