Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's official.

Finally decided that I am going to be a Thomasian next school year.

Not that I had other choices but... I recently researched about my first choice which is, Advertising Arts and I have a feeling that I will enjoy my course! The results of the college entrance exams were released this month. I visited the UST site last January 7 and tried to access my page since I was so excited to know if I was qualified. Then, boom! I was first shocked to have accessed my page since they told me that the UST results will be out on January 18. I screenshot my USTet result and posted it on Twitter and Facebook to let my friends know that the results were already out! :)

Too bad there were only a few who passed the USTet in our batch. I am so lucky that I am one of the USTet passers! UST is not my dream university but I think God has a bigger and much more exciting plans for me there ☺

By the way, I did not qualify in De La Salle University. When the results got released, we didn't have internet at home. I rushed to the mall and went to the internet cafe and accessed the My.LaSalle website right away. My heart broke into pieces when I saw this:

I seriously wanted to cry but I was in a public place and I didn't want to freak people out. Sigh, goodbye to my dreams of being a Comm Arts student! Maybe Communication Arts is not really for me since I did not also qualify for Comm Arts in UST (see screencap of the UST results above, second choice)

I was also not accepted at Ateneo de Manila University and UP Diliman. No need for screenshots because they just post the names of the people who passed. Ateneo is such a beautiful university. Sad that I'm not going to study there in the next four years... but I had some realizations and realized that I am not fit for the "Information Design" course. UP Diliman is the dream school of many. My first choice was "Clothing Technology" because when my sister and I were ushering for fashion week, I heard some interns that they were taking up "Clothing Technology" in UP Diliman. It was a shallow reason, I know. But I am desperate to enter the fashion industry.

Anyway, when I was researching about Advertising Arts... I visited SOFA Manila's website (I want to study there but for sure, I will easily get intimidated. Sigh)  I read that a lot of local fashion designers took up Advertising Arts in University of Sto. Tomas!!! Ahhhh! I hope this is a sign... ♥

Now, it's official. I've already reserved my slot yesterday. I hope I'll have awesome blockmates or whatever you call it :) Cannot absolutely wait to graduate!!! :)

* During the last day of simbang gabi, I wished that I pass all the entrance exams that I took. Well, it didn't happen but I surely want to experience simbang gabi all over again this year. Even though my wish didn't come true, at least I passed USTet! I still believe in wishes :) I don't blame God for anything that didn't happen. Life goes on... He has a better plan for me :)


  1. congrats Luiza! I hope you have fun studying in UST coz I did! :)

  2. @fallen_angel : Awww thank you!! I hope so too ♥


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