Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simbang Gabi✝

My Christmas break started last December 16, 2011, which is also the start of simbang gabi ☺ I immediately thought of going to simbang gabi (yup, for the first time ever!) because I can sacrifice waking up early since I don't have classes until January 4. 

The nearest church here is the Quiapo church but we often visit St. Jude Parish ☺ The church was really packed for nine days. It was indeed a beautiful experience! I am actually planning to do it every year (depends on what school will I attend next school year) ☺
You can definitely feel the spirit of Christmas when you experience simbang gabi! ☺ Honestly, a few years ago I used to loathe Christmas because I was getting 'bad luck' on Christmas day itself for like 3 years straight. I was always looking forward to the New Year's Eve! But now, I am both excited for Christmas and NYE ♥

I am addicted to taho! ☺

Call me weird but I am obsessed with bald trees! I have no idea why...

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  1. Beautiful. I missed simbang gabi this year :(

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