Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas break, so far..

DECEMBER 23 - There's this new Japanese resto -- "Rai Rai Ken" in SM Manila and my sister and I wanted to try it out.

Unfortunately, the food was not delicious.. at all :-/ I am obsessed with Katsudon but their Katsudon was totally bland.The food there is also expensive! Not worth it at all.

DECEMBER 24-25 - Guess what. I got a sore throat on Christmas Eve. Remember my blog entries about me having bad luck during Christmas Eve and Christmas day itself? :( I thought the bad luck was dunzo :( Poor me. Sore throat totally ruined my Christmas. During the mass, I wanted to barf.. sigh.

DECEMBER 26 - Went to SM Mall of Asia with my mom and my sisters! ☺ We finally used my Pepper Lunch gift certificates from Miss Cecile :) I won 1k worth of GCs years ago!

 My cute mommy! ☺

 Sick but still smiling haha ☺

 I like this shot! :)

 My order: Chicken Pepper Rice (+curry) Wrong choice! 
I should've ordered one of the Kiddie Meals! :(
Sore throat +  spicy curry = not a good combination

We planned to eat also at Swensen's
I never thought I'll be having a sore throat during this food trip with my family so I still ate ice cream even though it's not advisable to anyone who is suffering from sore throat! 
Don't worry, when I got home I drank Calamansi juice (no sugar) 

Please pray that I'll be better before New Year's Eve!!!! :(

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