Friday, December 23, 2011

Glamerry Christmas Party - Senior Year!

Last year of attending the Glamerry Christmas Party! This year, I was so late. The party started around 5pm but I arrived around quarter to seven. But I still had a lot of fun. Even though my friends and I got a little bit bored this year, it was still fun hanging out and dancing with all of them ☺ 

Sad that I only took a few photos using my camera. It was such a hassle and I’m getting disappointed with my camera because the autofocus takes too long! Anyway, here are some photos I grabbed from my friends ☺

 With Aira, Wensley and Andrea! ☺

 With Alex and JJ ☺

 With Isaac, Mica, Toby and Christine ☺

With my closest friend, Mica Ang! ☺

 With Toby ☺

 With Lara ☺

 With Danna ☺

With Jeong Eun Jeon/JJ ☺

 I didn't like the food :-/

Here are some photobooth pictures from that night:

Super fun people to hang out with: Isaac, Toby and Mica!

What I wore: Dorothy Perkins sparkly dress and FivebyFive shoes ☺


  1. I love the pictures! they look great, and i really like your dress!

  2. @FashionFrenzy:

    Thank you so much! xx happy holidays!!


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