Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

2011 is finally over! Wow. Time really has gone by so quickly! I am so thankful that I have survived this year (college entrance exams and the like) Here are some of my favorite 2011 highlights I will treasure forever:


Run for the Pasig River. So tiring but what an experience!!

Took the UPCAT, USTET, ACET and DLSUCET this year. Results this January. Scared to death.

Had so much fun this year with my classmates, old and new friends 
Attended the simbang gabi for the first time and even completed my attendance! haha :)

 And here are the amazing people I got to meet this year:

I also started my ear cuff business this year specifically last May 28, 2011 :-) I am very very grateful to everyone who bought ear cuffs from me. Hard work really pays off! Also, to everyone who keeps on telling me that there are some stores that are imitating my ear cuffs and the like, thanks. Honestly, I don't care if you imitate my business. You can't enter a business without a competition ☺ Anyway, I really hope people will still support my online business this 2012. 

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