Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maskara play - 12.11.11 ☺

I've been a fan of Jasmine Curtis-Smith ever since she started blogging (way way back in 2009), until today. I created her Facebook fanpage even before she started show business :) Anyway, when I saw that Jasmine is having a play nearby, I immediately asked my mom if I could watch it ☺

It was my sister's birthday that day -- December 11, 2011. First, I didn't know what to expect since I'm not that familiar with Holy Spirit (even though my school is just literally infront of Holy Spirit haha) ☺ When we got to the venue, there were Jasters waiting outside the venue. Then, we finally went to the Assembly Hall, waited for a few minutes then the show started ☺ But before the show, I noticed that Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff were also there! My sister and I got so starstrucked! Gorgeous couple ♥ Too bad they didn't finish the whole play :(

After the show, my sister and I went immediately straight to Jasmine ☺ Photo ops with some fans then it was my turn! I gave her a small gift that contains rings, lipstick and an ear cuff that I made :) I always get weird and awkward around celebrities... maybe because I get speechless when I see them and I don't really know what to say infront of them since I don't want to be known as a creepy fan who's feeling close (random fact about me!)

I also met the guy who melts all my batch mates' hearts, Daniel Padilla. He's so tall in person and so approachable too ☺ I love his jacket! It's like a blazer and varsity jacket combined ☺

I think I saw the whole Padilla clan (except Robin and Rustom/Bebe) that night! They all look alike!

Overall, the play was great ☺ Jasmine is so amazing because she memorized the script with all those deep Tagalog words!

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