Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update: College Entrance Exams

I took the ACET last September 18, 2011. When I arrived in Ateneo, there were so many people. I rushed inside the grade school campus and followed some students who were also taking the exams. The line was like the Great Wall of China (haha, just kidding) Spotted a lot of familiar faces from Saint Jude and some pretty good looking guys too (duh, it's Ateneo!) Sad, I didn't get to see Kirk Long though! Plus, I really thought that there will be ACs inside the grade school classrooms. I was wrong. But the weather was okay :)

 Ateneo is such a beautiful university! :) I would love to study here. I really hope I pass!

I just took the DLSUCET a few hours ago, this is the fourth entrance exam that I took (still thinking if I should apply for CSB also. I'm not really sure since I don't really want to take a "hobby" as a course). Anyway, when I arrived at the campus, surprisingly there were just a few students with their parents. I rushed inside since I don't want to be late, that would be so embarrassing! 

I got mesmerized when I got inside room 405! Beautiful board + comfortable big chairs. Months ago, I asked Thea what to expect during the DLSUCET. She told me to bring a jacket since it would be super cold in the Yuchengco building. She was right. I was freezing like crazy while answering the test even though I was wearing a jacket. So happy I got to answer everything before the allotted time. The proctor as super nice, when we were about to take the part 6 of the exam, she told us: "Ayan, konti na lang. Puede na kayo magaral sa La Salle!" :) 

I saw someone's answer sheet accidentally, and I don't know why she only shaded the Cs on at least 3 columns of her answer sheet. Weird. I bet the proctor also saw her answer sheet that's why the proctor gave her a weird look. The comfort rooms in La Salle was also super clean! ☺ Really impressed :) After the exam, the proctor congratulated us as if we already passed the exam :) It was a great feeling. Haha! ☺

Results will be out on the first week of January! ☺

I really hope I pass UPCAT, DLSUCET, ACET and the USTET!
Please pray for me ☺

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