Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is actually my arm! My friend, Mica wrote this on my arm during our Filipino class awhile ago :)
Although today was not what I expected, I'm still thankful.

Days before my birthday I got a bit depressed since I felt like a nobody to everyone. It feels like no one cares about me. Anyway, nothing will ever top my 18th birthday! Sad that I didn't get a cake today for my 19th birthday. I always get giddy like a child whenever I see a birthday cake + lit up candles and I also love making a wish and blowing out the candles. Sigh, never had a chance to do it this year :( 

I expected that my family and I will go out tonight to celebrate my birthday.. instead we just ate here at home. We're not even complete while eating dinner, which was depressing. I wonder when will I really feel special on my birthday? I don't know why I'm the kind of person who wants to make birthday celebrants happy... I mean, when someone's birthday is coming up, I'm always the one who will plan our "surprise" for that someone and I'll be the one who will organize how much will someone pay for the gift and the like. But when it comes to me? I don't really know (well, except for my 18th) I really love surprises and every year I always expect but I always end up hurt or disappointed. If only I could surprise myself, but I would just look like a fool.

Even though I really didn't feel special today, I am still happy because of all the birthday greetings especially on Facebook and Twitter! Thank you guys, you know who you are ♥

I really hope I will get to enjoy my last year of being a teenager. I still remember when I was thirteen, I felt so happy since I am a teenager already ☺ I also want to thank Jesus for giving me another year. Thank You for always being there for me when I'm depressed. I know I really don't understand why life is such a pain in the ass sometimes but I am so grateful that You are always there to answer my prayers. You rock.

*blowing my invisible candles*,
Nineteen-year-old Iza

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