Saturday, October 1, 2011


Pretty much obsessed with MTV's new show "Awkward". Weeks ago, I kept on seeing the teasers during the commercial breaks on MTV... honestly, I thought the show sucks. But after seeing the teasers like a million times.. I got curious! So, I downloaded the series ☺ 

I started watching the show last night. It was really a breath of fresh air since I didn't know any of the cast.. except for Valerie the Guidance Counselor (she looked really familiar but I can't remember what TV show she was in). Oh, I also find Matty -- Beau Mirchoff, super cute (especially when he smiles) and pretty damn hot! Jenna was so adorable! I love her character. Can't believe the girl who plays Jenna -- Ashley Rickards, is just 19 years old! We're both 1992 babies ☺ Awesome. Oh, and is it just me? Or the guy who plays Jake -- Brett Davern, totally looks like AJ Rafael? Random thought... but I really see their resemblance!

I am really looking forward to the next season of Awkward. I've been crazy tweeting about that show since last night. I even tweeted the creator of the show. I really hope Matty and Jenna will become an official couple sometime in the future. I really like their chemistry!

Team Matty all the way! ;)

xx, Iza :)


  1. Hi! I saw your blogpost by chance and I love awrkward too! I actually watch it every Sunday. I also have an article on it on my blog ^^.

    Much love!

    -- Alice


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