Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 11 - EPIC

I woke up early even though it's the second to the last day of my summer vacation. Anything for All Time Low! ♥

It was the album launch of All Time Low yesterday here in Manila. It was insane!!! While entering National Bookstore (I entered the NBS entrance since Astroplus is near) I checked the time and it was only 9:59am. I even asked the guard if the mall was open already. He said yes and then when I was on the way to Astroplus, I heard fangirls screaming already! I was like: "holy crap..." When I saw Astroplus, I did get the feeling that the CD got sold out already. But I didn't lose hope and searched for the Dirty Work CDs (turns out, the CDs are already in the cashier area) Pretty much got stuck at the cashier are for 10 minutes. But I made a new friend while waiting! Her name is Chat ☺

(photo from Astroplus)

Success!!! ☺ (Left: Chat Right: me!)

After the insane album launch, we went to SM Department Store (because I needed to buy school shoes and bag and she needed to buy flip flops) Anyway, I was finding the perfect T-strap flats. It was so hard to look for cute plain flats nowadays which was really annoying. 

I saw this and decided to buy it but there were no sizes available which sucks. I really hate being  size 9.

I really love my school bag! My Senior year bag! Heehee ♥

After shopping, I went home and took photos of my All Time Low stuff:
Then, went to MOA again for the Grand Finals of the Wacky For Miley contest!
 Obviously getting nervous hahaha :p

Got confused when the host called me: "Luiza Artillera",what the hell :| 
I did a terrible job. I wish I could turn back time..

Met Thea and Colwin! :) Colwin was the one who convinced me to join the contest ☺ It was still worth it even though I didn't win the meet & greet! Haha :) Thanks again, Colwin! Also met Thea (met her online +  we share the same taste in music hahaha ♥) She was so nice and friendly! ☺ I hope I'll meet her at the concert on Friday!

Lucky winners!

Thanks to my sister, Lady for being there to support me!! ♥


  1. All Time Low's got really nice songs! Loved 'Six Feet Under the Stars' way back! :)

  2. They are amazing!! Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog! ♥ Take care! x


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