Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random: EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm + Nail It! Greenhills branch Opening + Metro Magazine

Yesterday, I got my EOS Lip Balm! My sister ordered for me from her friend. If you want one, you can order here ☺ Really excited to use it!

We went to the opening of Nail It! yesterday at Greenhills but before the event, we went to Happy Lemon and the food court to eat Beard Papa cream puffs. It was my first time to try both. I really did not like Happy Lemon. Not a fan of milkteas and teas in general. The taste is so weird. Also the cream puff from Beard Papa was not really appetizing! I got a stomach ache afterwards which was really annoying 

The Nail It! opening was already starting when we arrived. We got our nails done. I picked Orly's Pixy Stix which was really Barbie-ish ☺ To be honest, it was my first ever manicure in my entire life! Haha ☺ It was a fun experience.

I bought the Metro Magazine today! ☺ My favorite part of the magazine? Take a look:

More photos from the magazine:

Mark Nicdao is a genius! Grab a copy now! ☺


  1. i can see you girls had fun! hope to meet you girls soon. :)

    stay pretty! followed your blog


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