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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 ☺

Hello there! ☺ Last week was very tiring but fun! I went to Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last May 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15. In the past seasons that I went to I end up with very numb toes because of the heels I'm wearing... this season was an exception! I think I'm getting used to wearing heels ☺ I really wish I'll reach my ideal height which is 5 feet 8 inches. Four inches to go! Anyway, I'll stop blabbering now.

Since last Tuesday, I'm updating my fashion blog almost everyday. It's filled with Philippine Fashion Week blog entries. Please check it out and spread the word to your friends ☺ Also, you can now retweet and like my posts! I added retweet (for Twitter) and like (for Facebook) buttons ☺ Go click them right now!

After I blog about fashion week, I will finally blog about what I wore in the recent fashion week. Here's a sneak peek ☺ More elaborate post about that next time in my fashion blog.

The photos here in the computer is really a mess. I just organized it two weeks ago but I really can't be organized for life. Haha ☺ I wish I was really good at organizing like my sisters! Oh well :p

I went with Nica for four days and on Sunday, two of my sisters tagged along ☺

May 10: Second day of the Philippine Fashion Week. When I went to my very first fashion week last 2009, I was shocked to see a lot of fashion enthusiast in the same environment! Now, I'm used to it already. I get to see lots of killer heels and people having unique styles. It was definitely an inspiring environment. Sometimes, I would ask myself if I would fit in to that environment... I am really confused on what to take for college! (Okay, I'll blog about this college stuff next time)

I saw Laureen Uy at the "10" show. I also got to see Danica Magpantay, Charlene Almarvez and Claire Unabia from America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 walking on the runway! ☺ After the "10" show, guess where we went? To the MOA Concert Grounds for Justin Bieber's concert. We don't have any tickets (because it was too damn expensive!) so, we just stayed outside the VIP area. We only stayed for one song: Love Me. I just saw the Biebs jumping. Then we left because the crowd was getting crazy! I didn't want them to steal my purse or anything like that. It was scary. Then we went back to the mall. I was thinking of going back to SMX but I changed my mind and just went home instead ☺

May 11: I was really excited to go to SM Department Store's show because I am a big fan of SM Department Store! Not only because it's affordable, but also because it is very stylish! I love SM Parisian shoes and I am planning to buy another pair of shoes this Monday ☺ The 20% off coupon I got is only valid until next month! Next month, I'll be busy with school (Senior year!!!!)

After the show, we went outside and saw people taking photos with Hideo. So, we also took a photo with him. Haha! ☺ He was really tall! We registered for the L'Oreal show. It was really fun to see Anne Curtis again in person ☺ She was really stunning on the runway. I loved the way they styled her hair! I met Divine Lee, THE Daryl Chang, Danica Magpantay and Claire Unabia!! ☺

May 12: Forever 21!!!! ♥ Been dying to watch this show since I saw the Philippine Fashion Week schedule on the newspaper. We had a little problem while registering because my name was not on the guest list but I won from a Facebook contest, which was really weird. Good thing I double checked and saw Nica's name. While registering, Nica told me she loves the leopard pants of the girl at my back, when I saw the girl wearing the leopard pants, I told her: "Holy crap, Steph Ayson!!!" ☺ We were planning to approach her but we were shy.

The show was packed and we sat at the reserved seats for the Sy family (because they never showed up) The show was filled with cute guy models ☺ It was so much fun to see models smile while walking the runway. I also met two of the Forever 21 ambassadors -- Tricia Gosingtian and Patricia Prieto! Both lovely stylish ladies ☺ I also met Vicky Herrera, Divine Lee (again) and Steph Ayson -- we saw her again after the show, we didn't want to miss a chance to take a photo with her ☺

We were given invites for the For Me show. We had no idea about For Me because we don't shop there but the set up was pretty neat and we saw Charlene Gonzales ☺ Then, Nica went home as I register for the Premiere A. Saw Tim Yap, Carla Abellana, Iya Villiania and Nikki Gil walking for Michele Sison.

May 14: Missed the Friday shows because I was not in the mood to get out on a Friday. I hate traffic! Nica also missed the Saturday shows. Premiere B was a success. I am so happy that I didn't miss Eric delos Santos, Jerome Salaya Ang and Sassa Jimenez's collection! It was superb. The show was packed like crazy! ☺ Went also to the last day of iFEX because my mom and sisters were there. Me and my sisters met Tricia Gosingtian! ☺

May 15: Almost late for the Grand Allure collection! But good thing we didn't miss it ☺ Also watched the Premiere B and C ☺ We stayed in the L'Oreal lounge while waiting for the Rusty Lopez show to end. After that we were on our way to the Function room 5, and wow, the line was insane! Plus, the people in the registration area was confusing which really annoyed me. So we went home instead.

The experience was so much fun. If you guys want to watch next season, just comment below and I could help you! See you guys this October! ☺

PS: Have you guys seen this? I am heartbroken! Kim Chiu with the love of my life :( But I will still get a copy because of Matt Lanter! ☺ I read somewhere that this issue is already available. Get your copies now!

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