Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Blog entry ☺

This is one boring summer vacation! Thank god for PirateBay and BitTorrent. Haha :) I've been downloading a lot of movies (I might blog about the movies I've watched this summer soon) ☺ So far, nothing topped meeting Good Charlotte, Miss J Alexander and Nigel Barker. After those events last April, nothing exciting happened. Just me stuck at home watching movies.

Here are some random cute photos of our dogs:

May 4 - I called Futuretainment early in the morning because I was so annoyed. I reserved a VIP ticket for Miley Cyrus' concert before holy week started. After holy week, they called me saying that I reserved for Gold-A. It was so annoying. I cancelled my reservation and reserved again for the VIP area. When I calling their hotline numbers, guess what -- No one was picking up the phone! After my 6th redial, finally someone answered  the phone but it was choppy. So I called again, and finally talked with Angel about my ticket. She said I could pick it up already (Goodbye savings!) So, off to the bank I go and went to Futuretainment's office located at Greenhills. Yay for Row O Seat # 1! I don't know if it's a good seat but some people are telling me that I am lucky to get that seat ☺

May 5 - The day I felt so jealous because Kim Chiu had a photoshoot with Matt Lanter :( Why is she so lucky. I'll probably post about it on my other site if I'll find the photos. I got the invites for Philippine Fashion Week ☺

May 7 - I really wanted to swim ever since the summer vacation started! So happy that I can finally swim after so many years. If only we have a pool in our place, I will swim every single day, seriously. Anyway, last 7th of May I went to Little Presidents Learning Palace to swim with my sister and her friends, Hannah and Tanya ☺ It was so much fun!

May 8 - Mother's Day :-) First time eating deep fried oreos! It was too sinful. I wanted to puke after eating it. Delicious but it should only be consumed once a year. Haha ☺ Oh, I love this day because Callan McAuliffe (the cute guy from Flipped) finally replied to me on Twitter! ☺

Hope you enjoyed my lame random entry! I have a feeling this week will be a blast. Philippine Fashion Week, Justin Bieber, etc! ☺ Will blog about them as soon as possible! 

Have a great week ahead! ☺


  1. Hi! I browsed through your blog and saw that you're from LaCo. :) I'm a graduate of LaCo highschool and gradeschool. Yay! A fellow LCCian blogger, so cool! :)

    Uhm I was just wondering how did you get invites to PFW? I had a hard time getting mine kasi eh. :) Thanks!

    Followed you btw!

  2. @Daphne: Hey there! :) Yup, I'm from LaCo since 1st year of highschool! Haha :) I know some designers and I just message them if I want to watch their shows and they send me invites :-)

    You can register online for invites :) If you want to watch next season, just tell me and I can register for you :-) Thanks for checking out my blog! Will check out yours too :) Have a great day! x

  3. Yes yes! I want to watch next season please! :) Kindly e-mail me at daphneee.bh@gmail.com.

    Thanks a bunch!!! :)

  4. No worries! I'll email you as soon as I can register online for invites ☺ Maybe, the first week of October ☺


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