Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Is Really Nothing But A Dream That Keeps Waking Me

Christmas break.

I love two week long vacations. I don't miss anyone or anything -- seriously. I love waking up late and sleeping late. I love the feeling of you have nothing to worry on and no deadlines. The annoying part is that doing the projects :( I have one and it's cross-stitching. I will finish my project BEFORE January 1 because I want to enjoy 2010.

Another thing I love the most about vacations is that I can hang out with my best friends. We just did last December 22nd. It is a Christmas dinner + advance birthday celebration of my friend, Jacqueline Mercado! She treated us dinner at a buffet -- YakiMix. The food there is yummy especially the sushi! I love love love sushi. Yes, raw fish.


After eating dinner, we went to a store with a mixture of a toy store + 4D rides + canteen + Hello Kitty store + playground for the kids = KIDS UNIVERSE. We experienced the 4D roller coaster ride! It was hilarious and fun. We took a lot of photos and guess what. I have a photo with the Eiffel Tower -- I saw an Eiffel Tower background and I was like: "I NEED TO HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH IT!" Haha.



Anyway -- I also updated my Lookbook (you can check out my badge in the right part of my blog) Check out my looks and if you like them, hype them or leave a comment :) I've been getting a lot of love in Lookbook which was really surprising! This is my current stats.


Christmas day was awesome! I was never really looking forward in celebrating or enjoying Christmas day -- but I did this year. I loathe Christmas day ever since the day I had chicken pox on Christmas day itself -- forgot the year already! I thought the "curse" was never ending... I guess it's gone by now :) I'm not expecting beautiful gifts every year because I know all will I receive is either a bag, pen or something useless. Hahaha. That's why I keep on telling my friends to just give me gift certificates! I never had a gift from someone which I really love and truly cherished. I received two Chanel bags -- imitation, which I'll never use. Sorry to the people who gave me those gifts but I loathe fake designer bags! I know just some of the people in the universe can afford the real thing but why buy the fake one right? It's a disrespect to the designer. And I'll be humiliated if I will use those bags. I will look cheap, which is so yucky.

Thank god I got it all cleared out.

I deleted my Tumblr account. I only want to delete my personal Tumblr and not my Amateur Photography Tumblr but to delete a blog, you should delete your account. I am so tired of that blog because it's useless. It's pretty and the like, but -- all I've been doing is REBLOGGING, LIKING, etc. It's not really a "blog-blog" Thank god I erased it already. Too many accounts. I should get a life. Haha.

I need to buy sparklers but I don't know where can I buy those cute things.


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