Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 81-87 - HELL WEEK.

Day 81: Passed the ARTHST finals research and survived the Filipino talumpati!!! :) Got a score of 85. Not bad!! (October 8)

Day 82: In the process of doing my miniature plate + VP platessss. (October 9)

Day 83: Passed my TECH portfolio and passed two final plates on VP (shown above) and finally, Sir Araw accepted my freaking draft for the finals plate. Thank you Lord!!!(October 10)

Day 84: Passed the MDRPERS plate. Disaster during MATERIALS.... forgot to review for  Theology but thank god it was moved to the next day. Stayed at school until 6pm just to finish the freaking torso plate but failed. Aaaaaahhh :( Studied SO FREAKING HARD FOR PHC.

Day 85: PHC + ENGLISH + THEOLOGY exam. So happy about the PHC and English exams!! Was so nervous while answering Theo because... i didn't study because PHC > Theology :( Went to Robinsons Magnolia with Pam, Jane, Kale and Irish!!! Watched This Guy's Inlove With You Mare haha.

H E L L O      S E M B R E A K

Day 86: Went to school to freaking pass the torso plate but it was not graded. Hay nako. 
Day 87: Went to school again to do the BOTONG plate. Got a bloody foot early in the morning. What a fun day :|

GOOD NEWS! I passes the first semester!!! Aaaaahhh ☺ Not happy with my GWA but whatevs. I passed everything! No more MDRPERS, Philippine History.... yay :)
 H E L L O      S E M B R E A K .... for real

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