Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 74-80: Craycrayweek

Day 74: Practiced for our PE prelims at the grandstand early in the morning.
Day 75: Went to school just to pass the English homework and do the PHC activity. Rushed home to get ready for the Bazooka Rocks meet and greet.
Day 76: OCTOBER!!!! :) Practiced again for our PE finals early in the morning.
Day 77: Deadline for the TECH and VP plates. Didn't finish the TECH plate. Prof extended the deadline, thank god!!!! VP class cancelled because of the weather. Went to Trinoma and Binondo just to practice for our PE finals.
Day 78: PE FINALS! Success :)
Day 79: My birthday! Some of my blockmates surprised me with a cake ☺
Day 80: Last lecture for PHC and English!!!!!! Yeayuh.


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