Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 33: Afternoon classes suspended!

Gloomy weather today! Materials class was a bit tiring for me since my negative got ruined! (damn whoever broke my negative) I left it in the locker inside the room since it was so heavy. Then, when I checked awhile ago it was broken. I tried attaching it again using the plaster of paris and water. But failed. Thank god Sir Zamora was kind enough to grade it!
My finished colored positive:

Pam's work:

My grades were 90, 90, and 88! 88 for the broken negative! Thank you lord!!! :) Then, Jazmine and I ate lunch at MiniStop. Then, we went straight to Domus, then our blockmates told us that classes were suspended already! 

I hope they'll suspend classes tomorrow!!! I want to experience weekends again :(

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