Sunday, April 15, 2012

Epic Season Finale

The Lying Game season finale has got to be one of the best season finales I have watched my entire life. I have to admit around the 15th episode, I got so bored with the show. I downloaded the whole season one already, but just finding the right time to watch it. Last night, I watched the 17th-18th episode of The Lying Game, so happy that my interest in the show didn't fade away already, I loved both of the episodes and wanted to watch the last two episodes already but I can't, since I need to wake up early the next day. So, awhile ago, I finished watching the first season of The Lying Game! I recommend you all to watch this show. This might be one of the confusing shows, some characters may freak you out a little bit (Alec Rybak freaks me out, Adrian Pasdar is the only celebrity that I really don't want to meet in person haha) but it's amazing. Trust me.

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