Saturday, April 14, 2012

90s Flashback!

Hello! I have a lot of things to blog about. Last days of being a high school student, graduation day, The Maine concert + etc! But my mood is so weird :( I will update this as soon as I can finish picking the photos and the like. Anyway, when I woke up awhile ago, I immediately opened the TV and watched the Kids Choice Awards because of One Direction :) I love them so much! They are all so gorgeous and so talented. After the KCAs, I channel surfed and saw that Friends was on ETC! Then, after FRIENDS, TMZ was next. There was a part where they thought Ethan Hawke was Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray! I remember when I was so obsessed with them! I even bought a cassette tape (but I really don't know where that is now... sad) Right now, I am downloading the Sugar Ray songs I love back in the day (wow that made me feel so old! haha) ☺ I'm surprised I still know the lyrics by heart!

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