Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Go Vikings

From January 17 to January 28, we practiced nonstop for the cheering competition. It was also a chance for our batch to hang out together and get to know each other better :) So fun to hang out with the students in the other section (aka the people who were close to me back in third year but never had the chance to become my classmates during our senior year)

Unfortunately, we only got the 1st runner-up award. It's okay since we still had lots of fun while preparing for the competition. We even stayed up until late at night to finish the props and the dance itself (because there were some issues on our choreographers)

Sad that this is our last cheering competition ever, but happy to say goodbye to practicing under the heat of the sun for hours (yep, from first year to fourth year!)

After the cheering competition, we went to Miss Lacuesta's boarding house to eat sisig (ate sisig for the first time with them during the rehearsals) and then after, we went to the Frolics in San Beda :) Fun experience! Loved the caterpillar ride! Made me reminisce about the school fairs in Saint Jude!

Can't believe I got close to these wonderful people :) I will totally miss high school.

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